Verrerie de St. Just

Bariole Streakies

Vibrant patterns created with one or more colors often combined with opal, and flashed on either a clear or tinted base glass.


Blown from the same size gather as Premium Antique sheet, however slightly larger and thinner. Sheets average 3 mm thick and 27.5" x 34" size. Crackle texture.


Reamy Texture. Blown from the same size gather of Premium Antique, however slightly larger and thinner, sheets measure approximately 27.5" x 33.5".

Flashed Antique

Noted for its soft, smooth and even flashes, it is ideal for etching. Available in wide range of colors, including colors on tints and shaded flashes. Sheets average 2.5 mm thick with maximum size...

Premium Antique

A beautifully structured mouthblown glass in standard colors with tonal values not commonly available from other manufacturers. Sheets vary in size with thickness average 3.5 mm and maximum sheet ...